Take Production Meetings Out of the Quiet Room


A quiet room works well for test and measurement or as an in-plant office. If it’s just a meeting place away from the noise of the plant floor, then it’s time to make a change—to improve productivity and collaboration.

Let’s face it: Production meetings and other operational meetings are necessary but rarely inspirational. It usually takes longer than expected to review daily goals, possible bottlenecks, customer issues, run rates and production schedules. These meetings are common on assembly lines and factory floors, and in manufacturing facilities and warehouses across the country.

What if you could produce the same results—clear communication without noise intrusion—outside of the quiet room? That’s right, I’m proposing a production meeting disruptor. The Uber of production meetings, if you will.

A factory office partition used as a quiet room inside a loud manufacturing facility.
Photo credit: DIY Trade

Benefits of Taking Production Meetings Out of the Quiet Room

One large company with a global network of more than 100 production sites was using quiet rooms on noisy production floors to hold production meetings for every shift. Although the quiet room was on the production floor, it wasn’t close to workstations and the actual production site. Workers would gather in the quiet room for the meeting and then disperse to their respective workstations afterwards. Multiply dozens or hundreds of workers times the extra minutes lost away from workstations and you’re looking at a significant production loss.

This company deployed Sonetics wireless communications systems at its production sites to improve communication, safety and situational awareness. Supervisors quickly realized that the always-on communication enabled them to take production meetings out of the quiet room and onto the production floor. Conducting production meetings at their workstations made teams more productive and eliminated another interruption in the workflow.

Shorter Meetings, Fewer Workflow Interruptions

Sonetics wireless communications systems put management back on the production floor, a key component to lean practices of production management. Managers and supervisors don’t have to hide from noisy plant floors for meetings. Instead of describing a problem on the floor while sitting in a quiet room or conference room, meetings can be held at the problem’s source because supervisors can be mobile and connected.

Participants are less likely to get bored because you turn a passive quiet room meeting into an active onsite engagement.

If you’re tired of production floor meetings taking too long and interrupting your workflow, then Sonetics wireless communications systems may be the disruptor you need to make a big change.

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