How to Replace the Headband and Ruggedizers on a Sonetics Wireless Headset

Follow these steps to remove and replace the headband and ruggedizers on a Sonetics Wireless Headset. Order parts and accessories from the Sonetics Store.

What You Will Need

  • Replacement Sonetics headband
  • Pair of silicone ruggedizers
  • Sonetics screwdriver


  1. REMOVE the soft head strap by unhooking the Velcro tabs on each end and pulling the strap out of the slots on top of the ear domes.

    Set the strap aside.
    Note: You can SKIP THIS STEP if your headset is in over-the-head configuration.

  2. POSITION the handle of the Sonetics Screwdriver between the plastic headband and ear dome.

    While holding the screwdriver in place, use your other hand to press down on the headband until it pops off the dome. REPEAT Step 2 on the other side of the headband.
    Note: There is a RIDGE on the underside of the headband that will help align the Sonetics Screwdriver

  3. Remove the CROSSOVER CABLE from the headband.

    PULL GENTLY in the direction that each clip opens to release the cable and SET ASIDE the old headband.
    Note: There are 4 CLIPS holding the cable in place. The two outside clips open toward the top of the headband, while the two inside clips open downward.

  4. REMOVE THE RUGGEDIZERS by peeling them off the ear domes.

    SLIDE the left ruggedizer down the mic boom and off and set both ruggedizers aside.

  5. IDENTIFY the Left Ruggedizer of your replacement pair, which has an extra opening for the mic boom.

    INSTALL the Left Ruggedizer by INSERTING the mic boom through the lower opening. SLIDE the ruggedizer back up over the mic boom. FIT the ruggedizer onto the ear dome and check the fit over the Listen-Through microphone. INSPECT for gaps and curling around the ear seal.

  6. REPLACE the Right Ruggedizer by fitting onto the ear dome.

    CHECK the fit over the Listen-Through mic and power adapter and INSPECT for gaps and curling around the ear seal.

  7. REINSTALL the plastic headband with the crossover cable clips pointed down.

    LAY the right ear dome down flat, while holding the LEFT EAR DOME in your left hand. LINE UP the cross on the headband with the socket on the ear dome and push together firmly to reconnect. Repeat for the right ear dome.

  8. REINSTALL the crossover cable underneath the black plastic headband by gently PRYING UP each clip to fit the cable underneath.

    ROUTE the cable underneath all four clips on the headband.

  9. REINSTALL the Velcro soft strap by SLIDING the strap through the slot on top of each ear dome. FOLD the ends over and press to secure the Velcro.

    Note: SKIP THIS STEP if your headset is in over-the-head configuration.