Quick Start Guide: Portable Wireless System

We walk you through the things you need to know to get started with your new Sonetics Portable Wireless Communication System, including the wireless headsets, the ComHub and the charging case.

When unboxing your Sonetics Portable Wireless System, you will find the following:

  1. Wireless Headsets
  2. Accessory Kits – 1 per Headset
  3. ComHub in the red bag.

Proper Headset Fit

  1. For wear with caps or hardhats, use the Under-Helmet Configuration:
    1. The soft strap goes over the crown of your head.
    2. The rigid plastic headband goes behind your neck.
  2. Place the mic boom over your left cheek.
  3. The word “TALK” printed on the mic boom should face your lips.

For our complete Fitment Guide, refer to pages 7 and 8 in the User Manual.

Watch this video for more information on: Reconfiguring the Headband on a Wireless Headset from over-the-head to behind-the head or hard-hat compatible.

Activate Your Wireless Headsets

  1. The Headset’s POWER button is located near the top of the right ear dome.
  2. The STATUS LED on the left ear dome will blink indicating that the Headset is powered on.
  3. The number of blinks corresponds to the amount of battery charge remaining.
  4. Each ear dome features VOLUME UP ( or ) and VOLUME DOWN ( or ) buttons.
  5. At the bottom center of each ear dome is a Push-to-Talk ( or ) button for radio transmit.

Watch this video for more information on: Basic Features on Wireless Headsets.

Using the Stereo Listen-Through Feature

  1. Press the Headset’s POWER button.
  2. To raise or lower Listen-Through volume, press the FWD and BACK buttons on the right ear dome. 
  3. A voice prompt announces, “Listen-Through” and the currently selected volume level.

For more information on this feature, watch this video: Listen-Through and Channel Control.


  1. These silicone ear dome covers are available in 14 different colors.
  2. Colors can be used to identify teams or individuals.
  3. All headsets come standard with Safety Yellow Ruggedizers.
  4. Ruggedizers shed water and dirt more easily.
  5. To clean Ruggedizers:
    1. Remove both the soft strap and hard headband with the slotted Sonetics screwdriver included in the Accessory Kit.
    2. Peel the Ruggedizer off the ear dome.
    3. Wash with a mild detergent.
    4. Dry thoroughly.
    5. Replace the Ruggedizer over the ear dome.
    6. Reinstall the soft strap and hard headband.

Watch this video for information on how to Modify the Ruggedizer for Direct Wire portable radio and other direct wire devices.

Connecting a Two-Way Radio to the Headset

  1. Access the Portable Radio Port on the left ear dome by peeling back the Ruggedizer.
  2. Use the Sonetics slotted screwdriver to open the Access Port cover. 
  3. Connect your PR cable (sold separately) to the Portable Radio Port using the Sonetics slotted screwdriver.
  4. Plug the other end of the PR cable into your two-way radio.
  5. To transmit, press and hold the headset’s Push-to-Talk button.

Watch this video for more information: Connecting Your Direct Wire Radio or Device.

Bluetooth Music or Audio Streaming

  1. Music or audio streaming plays privately to your headset only.
  2. Your teammates cannot hear your music, and you won’t be able to hear theirs.
  3. During streaming you remain part of the team intercom, so you can hear others and they can hear you when you need to communicate.

For more information, check out this article on Pairing a Bluetooth Wireless Device.

To ANSWER or END a Bluetooth Phone Call

  1. When a call is received you will hear the ringtone in the headset.
  2. To ANSWER, press and release either of the Push-To-Talk (PTT) buttons on the left or right dome.
  3. During a call:
    1. Team members with a headset will not hear you or the person on the call with you.
    2. You will still be able to hear your team when they speak; callers will not hear team members.
  4. To talk with your team, END the call by pressing either PTT button.

The ComHub

  1. The ComHub connects Wireless Headsets together and allows for hands-free intercom.
  2. To power on the ComHub, press and release the ON button (located on the ComHub’s control panel). The STATUS LED next to the ON button blinks to show that the unit is powered and its remaining charge level.
  3. Headsets arrive already paired with the ComHub.

To add an additional Headset to the system, watch: Pairing Wireless Headsets to the ComHub.

How to Maximize ComHub Range

  1. Place the ComHub in a central location where every Headset user has a clear line of sight to the ComHub.
  2. Safely secure the ComHub on a stationary object 4 to 8 feet off the ground; use the ComHub’s hanger hook if needed.
  3. Finally, make sure the ComHub isn’t sitting flat, but upright as indicated on the side panel.

To learn more about ComHub placement and orientation, read: Maximizing ComHub Range.

Recharging the Headsets and ComHub Using the Portable Wireless System Charging Case

  1. Plug the Headsets and the ComHub into the individual charging cables inside the case.
  2. Set the ComHub inside its the foam cutout.
  3. Secure the case lid.
  4. Insert the power supply next to the handle on the side of the case.
  5. Plug the power adapter into a standard 120V wall outlet.
  6. The Headset and ComHub will charge to full in about 4 hours, providing up to 24 hours of talk time.

For more How-to Videos and Product Information, visit our Customer Support page.

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