Putting the SCH305-BT into Channel Mode for Tethering Capability

  1. See the “DECT Channel Mode Operation” section to put your SCH305-BT into Channel Mode. Follow the “Configuring for Channel Selection” steps.

  2. When you are selecting the “Number of Available Channels”, select the “2” pairing button, to select 2 channel mode.

  3. To exit this configuration mode, power off the SCH305-BT, then power it on.

Bluetooth Pairing Tips:

  • If pairing is unsuccessful, repeat the steps again.
  • If your ComHub has been on for a while and pairing is not successful, simply power cycle your SCH305-BT.
  • When using FaceTime, you must also change the speaker output to “SCH305-BT” on the user device paired to the SCH305-BT.
  • If multiple SCH305-BT ComHubs are close to each other, we recommend having one SCH305-BT ComHub powered ON at a time when doing the Bluetooth pairing. Once the first Bluetooth pairing is complete on the first SCH305-BT, then power ON the next SCH305-BT to pair a Bluetooth device to the second ComHub.

NOTE: Bluetooth in portable two-way radios is not currently supported.

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