Pairing Apex Connect to a Base Station

  1. Power on the Base Station and connect the DC power adapter.

    Wait until the green power light is illuminated.

  2. Hold down the pairing button on the base station for the position you want to pair.

    The yellow LED will start flashing slowly.

  3. On the Apex Connect, power it ON by pressing and holding the Power button 2 seconds, then release.

    The Power LED will come on and the DECT LED will blink Green.

  4. On the Apex Connect, hold down the Power AND PTT buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds, then release.

    The DECT LED will change to a slower blinking Green.

  5. The DECT LED will turn Solid Green on the Apex Connect when DECT pairing is complete.

    The yellow LED pairing light on the base station will stop flashing and remain yellow.

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