How to Pair an APX377 or APX379 Wireless Headset to a SON150 Wireless Base Station

  1. Using the included 12VDC Wall Adapter, connect the barrel jack to the power port on the SON150. Connect the adapter to a standard 120V wall outlet.

  2. Press and hold the desired pairing button until its link indicator begins to flash slowly. Any previous pairing will be cleared.

  3. With the Headset powered off, place the APX377 or APX379 Wireless Headset into pairing mode by pressing the Push-to-Talk button and Power button simultaneously until a voice prompt announces “Sonetics on. Battery (level). Base Station registering.”

  4. The SON150 will automatically connect, showing a solid pairing button LED.

  5. If the pairing was unsuccessful, repeat Steps 1-2.

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