To ensure you’re taking advantage of all the improvements made to Apex Connect reliability, functionality and new features, follow these steps:
  • Download the firmware update files from your email and save them to your computer.  If you haven’t requested your download, do that here.

  • Read through the FAQs, documentation, and notes below for complete details.


Should I upgrade my Sonetics firmware?

As a best practice, you should always make sure you have the latest firmware version loaded to ensure optimal performance for your Apex Connect units, and so you can leverage the latest features and functionality. If you add new units or other products, they will always arrive with the latest firmware version as well.

Do I need to send my Apex Connect in to have the firmware updated?

You don’t need to. Just download the Apex Connect firmware files and use them to update your devices. They contain the latest available firmware.

Can I use a Windows PC or a Mac computer to perform the update?

Either can be used.

I’ve downloaded the Apex Connect firmware update files. What are the steps to complete the update?

(Steps below are for Windows PC)

  1. Turn Apex Connect OFF.
  2. Hold Power on button for approximately 10 seconds.
    • Red Power LED will flash slowly, continue holding until it flashes quickly to indicate it’s in bootloader mode.
  3. Plug USB-C cable into Apex Connect and PC.
  4. In File Manager Apex Connect will appear as an extra drive (normally D:).
  5. Select ALL the files in the Apex Connect D drive and delete all of them.
  6. Drag and Drop or Copy and Paste ALL the update files you downloaded from the Sonetics website onto the Apex Connect drive.
    • Files will copy over. Apex Connect will flash yellow as it is transferring over files and updating its libraries.
      Example file names (not limited to):

      1. bp_490-4071-00.sonbin (firmware)
      2. config_[SKU]_490-4036-01.bin (settings (not pairing))
      3. vp_490-4039-00.sonbin (voice prompt file)
    • If you get an “Error” message, you need to delete the existing files on the Apex Connect, before you can add the new update files.
    • Once complete the Power LED light will flash Green, and then return to Red quick flash indicating it’s waiting.
    • Apex Connect will repeat for each file copied into the Apex Connect drive.
    • It’s important ALL update files are transferred before rebooting.
  7. Once all files are updated, hold the Power button ~2 seconds until system reboots.
  8. System will come up in normal operation.
  9. You can disconnect Apex Connect from your PC.

If I do the firmware update, will my DECT and Bluetooth pairings be lost?

No. DECT and Bluetooth pairings will remain. Settings well be reset to factory defaults.



See all of the details for our latest Firmware release here.

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