Team System FAQs

How does the system work?

Sonetics wireless headsets connect to each other through a ComHub or Base Station using DECT7® wireless technology. DECT7 technology enables you to talk to team members without pushing buttons or waiting your turn.

It’s like being on a conference call. Everyone hears each other whenever someone speaks. You can talk when you want to, interrupt when you need to, and warn when you have to.

Learn more about DECT7 wireless technology.

How long do the batteries last in a ComHub?

You can expect up to 24 hours of battery life from the SCH305 ComHub, and up to 12 hours from the SCH310 and SCH310T ComHubs.

What’s the range of the system?

Up to 1,600 feet with an unbroken line of sight to the ComHub. Hang the ComHub in the middle of your work zone, and you’ve got a secure, portable communication ‘bubble’ that you can pick up and move wherever the work takes you. Your actual range may vary due to work site conditions. Read more on how to maximize system range.

How many people can talk on a system?

You will receive up to 24 hours of talk time after charging the headset for 4 hours.

What do I need to get started?

Wireless headsets, a ComHub to connect them and a case to store and protect your equipment. For more details, visit our Team page.

How do I recharge the batteries?

Both the wireless headsets and the ComHub use Sonetics Lithium-Ion batteries that charge inside each device using the provided 12VDC wall adapters or by using the charging cables inside a Sonetics Charging Case.

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