Before You Buy

How do the headsets sound?

Sonetics wireless headsets enable natural conversation in challenging environments; no yelling required. DECT7® wireless technology offers more audio bandwidth, which means the headsets sound great. We combined our industry-leading audio quality with our exclusive auto-leveling, noise cancelling microphone so that you can understand the subtle differences in what you hear even in the middle of a loud work zone.

How does the system work?

Sonetics wireless headsets connect to each other through a Base Station or ComHub using DECT7® wireless technology. DECT7 technology enables you to talk to team members without pushing buttons or waiting your turn.

It’s like being on a conference call. Everyone hears each other whenever someone speaks. You can talk when you want to, interrupt when you need to, and warn when you have to.
Learn more about DECT7 wireless technology.

Can I connect my cell phone?

You can pair a Bluetooth® wireless device to either of our APX375 or APX379 headsets enabled with Bluetooth wireless technology. Learn about connecting devices.

What’s the range of the system?

Up to 1,600 feet with an unbroken line of sight to the ComHub. Hang the ComHub in the middle of your work zone, and you’ve got a secure, portable communication ‘bubble’ that you can pick up and move wherever the work takes you. Your actual range may vary due to work site conditions. Learn how to maximize system range.

How many people can talk on a system?

Connect up to 20 team members on a portable system. Installed systems (in a vehicle or building) can connect even larger teams. Contact your Sonetics representative for more information on large systems.

What do I need to get started?

Wireless headsets, a ComHub to connect them and a case to store and protect your equipment. For more details, visit our Team page, or contact us.

How long is the warranty?

One year

I don’t feel safe when I wear hearing protection. How are Sonetics headsets different?

Sonetics Stereo Listen-Through Technology lets you mix in environmental sound so you can monitor equipment, hear warnings or keep an ear on traffic, all without removing your hearing protection or losing contact with your team.

Can I wear the headset with a hard hat?

Absolutely. The headband’s fit is adjustable and also reconfigurable into “under-helmet” wear that puts a soft strap over your head and rotates the hard headband behind your neck. It works for most hard hats and ball caps.

We also offer hard hat adapters that mount each ear dome to a heavy-duty adjustable clip that fits the attachment points of most standard and specialty hard hats.

Can I connect a two-way radio?

You can connect virtually any make/model of portable two-way radio. Learn about connecting devices.

My working conditions are harsh. Are the headsets tough?

Sonetics wireless headsets are built to handle rugged working conditions like rain, snow, mud and dust. They’re IP66-rated, dustproof, water-resistant, and operate between -20°F and 140°F.

How many channels are available?

You can select from up to five channels available on the Base Station and switch between them with a button on the headset. The factory default is a single channel. To add more, switch your Base Station to Channel Mode by watching this quick video.

Are replacement parts available for the headset?

Accessories like replacement batteries, ear seals, mic muffs for wind noise reduction, ear dome ruggedizers and more are available from our online store or your Authorized Sonetics Reseller.

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