Basic Troubleshooting

My headset will not turn on. What do I do?

1. Press and briefly hold the power button on the right ear dome.

2. The status LED on the left ear dome should begin flashing.

3. If the Status LED does not flash, connect the headset to the power adapter and allow it to charge. Allow the headset battery to charge for a minimum of 4 hours to allow for up to 24 hours of operational use.

If the headset will not turn on after performing Steps 1-3, contact Support

I can’t hear myself or my team. What do I do?

Is the ComHub or Base Station powered on? Check the ComHub’s status LED (to the right of the power button). It should be flashing green. If not, press the power button.

If you’re using a stand-alone wireless Base Station, connect it to your power source using the supplied 12VDC adapter. The Base Station’s power LED will show a steady green.

Is the headset powered on? Check the headset’s status LED on the left ear dome. If there is no light, press and briefly hold the power button on the right ear dome. The status LED should begin flashing red, and you’ll hear a voice prompt announce “Sonetics on.”

Is the headset paired to its base station? As the headset turns on, a voice prompt will announce “Sonetics on. Battery (high/medium/low).” If you turned on your ComHub prior, the headset will announce “Base station connected” when pairing is complete. If you don’t hear that prompt, check the headset’s status LED. It will flash green if it’s paired to your ComHub or base station. If it’s flashing red, it’s powered on but not paired. Follow the procedure in Pairing Headsets to Base Stations.

Check the volume level. If your team members can hear you but you cannot hear them or yourself, adjust your headset’s volume level using the Plus (+) and Minus () buttons on the left ear dome.

Check the microphone sensitivity setting. If you hear your voice cutting in and out, or your team reports hearing outside noise when you speak, adjusting the microphone’s sensitivity to sound should eliminate the problem. Follow the steps in Adjusting Microphone Sensitivity.

Check the radio/intercom transmit setting. If neither you nor your team can hear your voice, check the headset’s radio/intercom transmit setting. The default mode is Radio VOX with hands-free intercom and push-to-talk for radio transmit. Return the headset to its default transmit mode by following the procedures in the User Manual to access the Advanced Menu and adjust the radio/intercom transmit setting.

My headset powers on for a short time, then powers off when attempting to pair it. What do I do?

1. Ensure the headset you are attempting to pair is one designed to pair to a Wireless Base Station (APX377, APX379). All other headset models (APX372, APX373, APX375) do not have the capability to perform wireless communication to a Wireless Base.

2. Ensure the headset powers on properly and has a sufficient battery charge.

3. If the headset is a model APX372, APX373, or APX375, the headset is operating as expected.

4. If headset is a model APX377 or APX379, attempt to perform a firmware upgrade on the headset.

5. After the firmware upgrade has successfully completed, attempt again to turn on the wireless headset and pair it to the Wireless Base Station.

6. If the pairing is successful, the problem is resolved.

If the problem continues, contact Service.

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