Apex Connect FAQs

What types of devices can I use with Apex Connect?

Corded headsets using a 4 conductor 3.5mm jack (CTIA/AHJ or OMTP). Bluetooth Devices supporting Hands-free Profile.
See our recommended devices to use with Apex Connect here.

What type of Bluetooth devices can I use with Apex Connect?

With Bluetooth you can pair headsets, wireless ear buds, headphones, speakers and/or speaker phones. (Hands-free Profile Format Required)

What Bluetooth standard does Apex Connect support?

Bluetooth 5.0/4.2

Can I use Apex Connect outside?

Yes. Apex Connect is watertight and dust proof and IP67 rated.

Is a headset included with Apex Connect?

No. Apex Connect is designed around Bring Your Own Headset. This allows users to interact the way they want.

Is Apex Connect compatible with my other Sonetics Wireless Systems?

Yes. Apex Connect can be paired onto previous generation Sonetics Wireless Base Stations.

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