Apex 3-Series Wireless Headsets FAQs

How do I know which model of Sonetics headset I have?

A sticker on the inside of the right ear dome displays your headset’s model and serial number. To see it, remove the ear seal and inner foam cover from the right ear dome (the one without the microphone boom).

How do the headsets sound?

Sonetics wireless headsets enable natural conversation in challenging environments; no yelling required. DECT7® wireless technology offers more audio bandwidth, which means the headsets sound great. We combined our industry-leading audio quality with our exclusive auto-leveling, noise cancelling microphone so that you can understand the subtle differences in what you hear even in the middle of a loud work zone.

Is there training available on headset operation?

Get up to speed on all the things you need to know about your Sonetics Portable Wireless System by watching our How-To Video Series.

What are the headset’s basic features?

For a review of the headset’s button layout and basic operation, watch our Basic Features video.

What is Sonetics Stereo Listen-Through technology?

Microphones on the forward edge of each ear dome can be turned on to allow the user to hear environmental sound. Use Sonetics Listen-Through technology when you need to remain aware of hazards, monitor equipment or speak to someone outside your team without the need to remove your headset.

What happens if there’s a sudden loud noise while Sonetics Listen-Through technology is active? Could my hearing be damaged?

The maximum sound level that Sonetics Listen-Through technology will let you hear is 95 decibels. If a sound should exceed that (a gunshot or explosion, for example), the headset will instantly shut down the ear dome speakers, protecting you from the sudden noise. You’ll hear a few moments of silence, followed by a gradual return to your previous settings.

How do I reset the Personal Sound Dosimeter?

There are two ways to reset the Personal Sound Dosimeter. It will automatically reset after the headset has been powered off for at least six hours. You can also reset it manually via the headset’s Advanced Menu. Check the headset User Manual for detailed instructions.

How do I adjust Listen-Through volume?

Press the FWD and BACK arrow buttons on the right ear dome to change Listen-Through volume.

TIP: Listen-Through volume cycles from OFF to MAXIMUM. There are a total of five volume settings..

TIP: Listen-Through volume controls are independent of team audio volume. Mix in as much or as little as you need to stay safe and remain aware.

Can I turn Listen-Through off temporarily without having to scroll through individual volume settings every time?

When the Listen-Through feature is active, you may toggle between the OFF volume position and the last selected Listen-Through volume setting by briefly holding down the BACK and FWD arrow buttons respectively.

Can I connect a Bluetooth® wireless device to the headset?

You can pair a Bluetooth wireless device to either of our APX375 or APX379 headsets enabled with Bluetooth wireless technology. Learn more about connecting devices.

How do I pair a Bluetooth® wireless device to my headset?

To create a new Bluetooth pairing:

1. Turn off the headset, then turn it back on.

2. The headset will enter Bluetooth pairing mode for 10 minutes after power on.

3. From your device’s Bluetooth connectivity options, search for new devices.

4. Once the search is complete, select “Sonetics-HS##.” If prompted for a password, enter four zeros (0000).

How do I answer a phone call with my APX375 or APX379 wireless headset?

To answer or hang up a call, quickly press and release the Menu (□) button on the left ear dome.

What voice prompts are available?

The headset will respond to many button presses, menu selections and other status changes with voice prompts. For example, when you turn on the headset, you’ll hear “Sonetics on. Battery high. Base Station connected.”

How do I wear my headset and ensure it fits me?

For our complete illustrated fitment guide, refer to the User Manual. Here are a few key steps to remember when putting on your headset:

1. Inspect the ear seals (the pads that rest against your head) for damage before use.

2. While wearing, make sure that the ear seals rest against your skull without sitting on any part of your ear.

3. The microphone should be no more than 1/8″ from your mouth.

4. Adjust the headband or soft strap for a comfortable, gentle fit across the crown of your head.

It’s normal to feel a bit of pressure when you wear the headset properly. The seal protects you from dangerous noise levels.

How do I pair my headset to a base station?

Watch this quick video on how to pair a headset to a base station, or review the full instructions in the User Manual.

How do I know how much battery life is left in my headset?

A status LED on the left ear dome will flash from 1 to 4 times when the headset is powered on. Four flashes indicates a full charge. A single flash means it’s time to recharge the headset.

How do I charge my headset?

Use the provided 12VDC regulated wall adapter or one of the headset charging cables in your Sonetics Charging Case. For details on vehicle charging, refer to the User Manual.

Can I wear the headset with a hard hat?

Absolutely. The headband’s fit is adjustable and also reconfigurable into “under-helmet” wear that puts a soft strap over your head and rotates the hard headband behind your neck. It works for most hard hats and ball caps.

We also offer hard hat adapters that mount each ear dome to a heavy-duty adjustable clip that fits the attachment points of most standard and specialty hard hats.

Can I connect a two-way radio?

You can connect virtually any make/model of portable two-way radio. Learn more about connecting devices.

My working conditions are harsh. Are the headsets tough?

Sonetics wireless headsets are built to handle rugged working conditions like rain, snow, mud and dust. They’re IP66-rated, dustproof, water-resistant, and operate between -20°F and 140°F.

What is the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of a Sonetics wireless headset?

Sonetics headsets have a Noise Reduction Rating of 24 decibels (24dB NRR).

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