Press Release

Sonetics is Continuing to Manufacture Communication and Safety Solutions for Companies within our Nation’s Critical Infrastructure


Portland, OR – Sonetics Corporation, a long-time global leader in wireless team communication systems for challenging work environments, is remaining open during the COVID-19 pandemic to continue production of hands-free communication and safety solutions for first responders, public works, utilities and manufacturers that work in and serve the critical infrastructure industry.

Companies with essential jobs during the coronavirus pandemic are having to adjust to CDC social distancing guidelines while trying to overcome disruptions so they can keep on schedule, avoid work stoppages, and effectively train new employees while remaining compliant.

“We’ve been providing team communication solutions to the people on the front lines for over 30 years.  Now with the coronavirus crisis, the same solution we’ve had all along allowing workers to be separated and still communicate effectively works in this challenging environment as well,” said Brian VanderPloeg, Sonetics Corporation President. “We continue to work with our customers and alongside our partners to manufacture and distribute the tools and wireless technology that allow the American workforce to communicate safely and effectively at social distance,” said VanderPloeg.

Sonetics, itself classified as ‘essential services’, provides wireless communication solutions that are proven effective tools for enabling team collaboration at social distance, protecting hearing, and increasing effectiveness and productivity in high-noise environments.

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