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Sonetics in the Real World: Aransas National Wildlife Refuge


Before trying Sonetics wireless communication headsets, instructors at Aransas Wildlife Refuge in Corpus Christie, Texas, wasted a lot of time walking back and forth.

Their team trains new regional fish and wildlife employees, biology interns, and temps how to safely operate heavy equipment. To do this, they walked alongside students in the machines to instruct them. Every time they needed to give detailed directions, they had to shut down equipment because the noise was too loud to shout over. Having trainers in close proximity to operating equipment was a safety concern for the department, and it was physically demanding on the instructors.

After training using Sonetics, they can do things differently. “With these headsets, the machine never had to stop as they were operating it,” says David Brennan, a safety instructor at Aransas Wildlife Refuge.

“Talk about a game changer. Not only from a safety standpoint, but a productivity standpoint – it’s a win-win. I was actually able to add 2 hours of seat time for the students. And at the end of the day, I’m not worn out because I’m not walking next to the equipment all day long.”

Now the Aransas Wildlife Refuge is using a 3-headset system on their barge to enable communication between their wellhouse and engine room crew. The barge has 3 engine rooms, and if a problem is detected the crew member has to physically run up to inform the barge captain.

“Something could seriously go wrong before I have a chance to react and take corrective action,” says Brennan. “[Sonetics] eliminates that whole factor. I know exactly what’s happening in that engine room as it’s happening instead of having to run back up back and forth.”