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Sonetics Announces Third Generation Wireless Headset Enhancements


Gen 3.2 Enhancements include a 24 decibel Noise Reduction Rating

Sonetics® Corporation, a global leader in wireless team communication systems for challenging work environments, today announced enhancements to its third generation of Apex Wireless Headsets, including a higher Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24 decibels. The release package is collectively known as Gen 3.2.

The new 24dB NRR rating increase covers the entire Apex 3-Series product line, including the APX377 and APX379 Wireless Headsets with DECT7® wireless technology. The APX372, APX373 and APX375 Wireless Headsets also receive the 24dB NRR rating.

Also included in Gen 3.2 is a new Headset to Multi-Base Station feature that enables a single headset to pair simultaneously with up to four Sonetics SON150 Wireless Base Stations. Users can move between separate work teams and automatically pair to each connected base station. There is also a manual selection mode controlled from the headset.

Sonetics also introduced a Split Push-to-Talk feature in Gen 3.2 that enables a single headset to transmit over either an intercom-connected, centrally located team radio and/or an individual’s direct-wire or Bluetooth®-connected portable radio.

The Gen 3.2 release package includes several durability enhancements that boost the headsets’ overall ruggedness and flexibility.

“The Gen 3.2 enhancements provide a unique combination of increased hearing protection and new features that elevate the ability of teams to stay connected and communicate effectively and effortlessly, hands-free, while also protecting themselves from dangerous noise on the job site,” said Brian VanderPloeg, Sonetics Corporation President. “These enhancements represent our continued commitment to helping our customers transform their work team communications, enabling them not only to be safer and more productive on the job, but also to have a more enjoyable experience while doing so. We’re always on the lookout for more ways to help you be even better at what you do,” said VanderPloeg

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