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Analog Intercom
  • Modular Jacks – The modular jacks are the connection points for the CA cables leading from the intercom to up to 4 wireless bases.
  • Radio Interface Connector – The 9-pin D-Sub connector is an attachment point for the included mobile radio (MR) interface cable.
  • Power Connector – The 3-pin connector is the attachment point for vehicle power. A power connection cable is provided.
  • Receive Audio Adjust – A rotational adjustment for setting the level of audio received to the intercom from a mobile radio.
  • Transmit Audio Adjust – A rotational adjustment for setting the level of audio transmitted to an appropriate level for a mobile radio.
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Sonetics’ SON104 4-position intercom unit provides clear communication between as many as four wireless base stations, and optionally with a 2-way radio. Up to four Sonetics Wireless Base Stations can be connected to one intercom unit, and each base station can support up to 5 users each. All headsets participate in continuous hands-free full-duplex intercom communication.

Sonetics wireless headsets are capable of radio transmission through the intercom unit radio interface with the push of a button or toggle switch. With a radio connected to the system, all users hear the radio and can be configured to transmit on the radio.

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