Expert Help For First-Time Buyers of Sonetics Wireless Headsets


As you learn more about Sonetics wireless headsets, you may notice that we don’t offer our team communication products online at the moment. Because every team is different, we work with you to customize a Sonetics wireless communication system that meets your team’s specific needs.

Talk With a Sonetics Wireless Headsets Expert

You probably haven’t done a lot of browsing in the “Team Communication plus Hearing Protection” aisle of your local big box store. For your Sonetics wireless headsets purchase, you’ll need a wireless communication expert to guide you in selecting the right mix of equipment. And, we’ll help you understand how to best use that equipment to connect and protect your crews.

How Do You Do That Thing You Do?

In order to learn how your teams work and how Sonetics wireless headsets can help, you should be ready to answer a few simple questions when you speak to a Sonetics Wireless Headsets expert:

What are the biggest challenges you face with your current communication solution? Does noise make it impossible to talk without shouting? Are hand signals being missed or misunderstood? Are operators taking their hands off the controls to press the radio’s push-to-talk button or to grab a cell phone?

Sonetics wireless headsets can be used in almost any work environment. Your answer helps us recommend the right wireless headset models and equipment to meet your work zone communication challenges.

How do you want to use your wireless headsets? Different tasks may require different equipment, or the use of additional features to get the job done. For example, if you’re in manufacturing, will the system be used on the production line where workers are mostly stationary, or for maintenance or inspections which move throughout the plant?

Check out this short article for more examples of how Sonetics customers use their headsets.

How large is the work zone? Not to worry if this changes from job to job. In fact, that tells us something, too. Namely whether our DECT7 ComHub will get the job done, or if your crews will need two-way radio or Bluetooth connectivity to cover distances beyond 1,600 feet.

How many team members do you need to connect? What’s the maximum number of workers that need to communicate on a single system? We can talk about ways to divide the full team up into smaller work groups, too.

Do you need to monitor a two-way radio or connect a mobile device? This one helps us determine the best way to set up your system for two-way radio or Bluetooth wireless connections. Do you want the entire crew to be able to transmit and receive, or do you need a private, 1-to-1 conversation? Are you working with a voice recognition system?

Let’s Build Your Sonetics Wireless System

Sonetics team communication systems are built to order. They’re scalable, so you can add more headsets down the road as your business grows.

After our initial conversation, we’ll have a good idea of how long it will take to build your portable wireless system; typically between 10 days to three weeks will put your custom system in your hands.

For larger systems that require integration with existing networks and equipment, we’ll need to visit your worksite, meet with operations and IT personnel, and design a specific configuration for your use case.

Nothing Like the First Time

Whether it’s jumping out of an airplane or your annual visit to the Grand Canyon, you always remember the first time. Same goes for buying and using Sonetics wireless headsets. By the time you need a second team communication system because your business is growing so fast, you’ll be a Sonetics pro.

Ready to tell us how you do what you do? Give us a call at 800.833.4558 or Contact Us and let’s start the conversation.