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Sonetics Launches Apex Connect, Linking Workers in Low Noise Environments to those in High Noise for Increased Productivity and Effectiveness on the Job


Portland, OR – Sonetics® Corporation, a global leader in wireless team communication systems for challenging work environments, today launched Apex Connect, a communication solution for low noise environments that connects users with those wearing Sonetics full hearing protection headsets in high noise areas, uniting the entire team regardless of location.

Companies have long struggled with finding effective communication solutions that connect the entire team in disparate locations with varying levels of noise.  The need to bring everyone into the conversation to minimize work stoppages, provide instruction, and deliver more effective training is high as companies work to become more efficient and effective in an increasingly competitive landscape.

“While we’ve supported customers in high noise environments with communication solutions for over 30 years, to fully meet their needs in every capacity we needed to create a solution that bridges the gap for teams that work in both high and low noise areas,” said Brian VanderPloeg, Sonetics Corporation President. “The Sonetics Apex Connect rounds out our suite of solutions, providing the same capability to work hands free with the full-duplex communication technology that our wireless headsets provide, but it’s specifically designed to be lightweight and portable for workers that don’t need hearing protection.  This solution removes isolation and effectively connects the entire team,” said VanderPloeg.

The Sonetics Apex Connect allows you to integrate your favorite Bluetooth® headset, headphones or speaker, or you can plug in a wired headset.  Packaged in a lightweight and portable design, the Sonetics Apex Connect can clip to your belt, slide into your pocket, or mount on your dashboard. Whether you’re in the front office, a control room, or sitting in the cab of a backhoe, the Sonetics Apex Connect allows you to reach your team wearing Sonetics wireless headsets in high noise areas, taking team communication and collaboration to new levels.

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