Opportunities and Roadblocks

With fewer cars on the road these days, public works agencies and private contractors are able to move planned projects up earlier.

The flip side of this advantage is the need to comply with CDC recommendations on social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Public works traffic controller using Apex Team Wireless Headsets.
Traffic controller using Sonetics Apex Team Wireless Headsets.
Utility crew using Sonetics Portable Wireless System.
Utility lineman using Apex Team Wireless Headsets.

Communication and Training Challenges

During the pandemic, our old team communication favorites are out. The shoulder-tap? Not with social distancing. Yelling? Unreliable. Radios and cell phones require a free hand.

Those same problems also make on-the-job training for new employees and trainers an exercise in frustration.

So how can crews restore effective team communication, avoid project delays, and train new employees while complying with social distancing guidelines?


“How to Maintain Social Distance and Communicate Effectively in High Noise Environments”

Effective Team Communication At Social Distance

Sonetics Team Wireless Headsets enable natural conversation at a safe distance by combining conference call-like communication and hands-free operation with advanced hearing protection.

Crew members can hear each other clearly even in high noise, which eliminates the need for face-to-face communication. Now everyone can safely maintain social distance while continuing to collaborate and communicate as the work continues.

Sonetics Portable Wireless System.

How it works

Wireless headsets for teams convey a number of immediate benefits for public works crews:
Speech icon.
Removes the need for face-to-face conversation while maintaining team communication and collaboration.
Warning icon.
Minimizes the risk of communication errors from crew members concerned about maintaining distance in high-noise environments.
Stopwatch indicating slowness.
Quick deployment avoids work stoppages and ensures that employers remain in compliance with health requirements.
Speed gauge.
Accelerates training by maintaining a “lifeline” of continuous communication between trainees and supervisors.
Higher productivity is realized when instructions are delivered clearly and questions are answered directly in real-time.

Wireless Communication Solutions For Public Works

Sonetics Wireless Communication Solutions are proven effective tools for enabling team collaboration at social distance. Public works crews use wireless headsets to improve communication, protect hearing, and increase productivity in high-noise environments.


Learn how public works agencies and contractors communicate effectively at social distance in high-noise environments.


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